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How can you improve your EPC rating?

26th April 2019

Here’s a quick lesson on EPCs, otherwise known as an Energy Performance Certificates. This certificate is required whenever your property is sold or rented and must be obtained before your property can be marketed. Your home will be rated from A (most efficient) to G […]

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Spring clean your way to a sale

12th April 2019

Finally, spring has arrived! We’re no longer leaving work in the dark and we can actually turn the heating off without the kids moaning! We know that you’ll be spending much of April eating chocolate eggs and entertaining the kids but don’t forget about the […]

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5 ways you can minimise void periods

22nd March 2019

There’s a lot to think about as a landlord, from meeting safety standards, to protecting a tenant’s deposit, to completing any repairs. You are required to fulfil a number of legal responsibilities, which can be quite demanding, so it’s no wonder that you may forget […]

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5 ways you could be devaluing your home

15th March 2019

As a homeowner, you will have no doubt thought about how you can add value to your home.  You may have undertaken some renovations and maybe even extended your property, not only to improve it for you and your family, but also in the hope […]

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Keeping up with Kerb Appeal

25th February 2019

The importance of a home being attractive from the outside, otherwise known as ‘kerb appeal’, can often get forgotten. Whether you’re keeping up with the Jones’ or trying to sell, it’s always a good idea to maintain the kerb appeal of your property. Not only […]

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First-time buyer advice, but is it fact or fiction?

8th February 2019

Everyone is a first-time buyer at one stage, but the market around us is constantly changing. Mortgage rates, property prices, legal costs – there’s so much to get confused about, how do you know what to believe and what to dismiss? Finding the right mortgage […]

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5 benefits of living near green space

25th January 2019

It has been revealed that ‘scenic views’ tops the list of the most desirable amenities to live near, and we couldn’t agree more! We’re lucky enough to sell homes in the beautiful areas of Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Lewes, which are all surrounded by […]

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How Netflix can help get your home ready for sale

11th January 2019

You’ve done it.  You’ve made the decision to move home and now you’re looking at the mammoth task of getting your home ready for your move.  We always recommend decluttering as a good place to start preparing your home for sale, and now there is […]

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How to prepare for a viewing

21st December 2018

Once you have narrowed down your search for a new home and have booked in some viewings, the fun really starts! Buying a property is a huge decision and although a viewing may only take half an hour you need to be prepared, knowing what […]

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10 Essentials your rental property needs

7th December 2018

As a landlord you must follow certain rules and regulations; largely, the legal requirements are the same for all landlords, although some may depend on the type of property you have whilst others may differ depending on where you live. We have put together a […]

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