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Changing the way you move home

15th May 2020

These are unprecedented times which are changing every day, but as we continue to find our way through this pandemic, we are adapting our services as a business. The housing market has reopened and how we run our business has had to change. Whilst the […]

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When this is over lets…

22nd April 2020

Have you ever had hypothetical conversations with your friends that start, “If I won the lottery I would…?” Do you find that now these conversations are, “When this is over let’s…” followed by a list of the things you can’t wait to see, do and […]

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Dine out on your doorstep

15th April 2020

Covid-19 has affected us all, especially businesses who have had to quickly adapt to ensure they can continue to work in the current circumstances. Whilst we have familiarised ourselves with working from home, local cafes and restaurants have also made changes to allow them to […]

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Things to do at home to keep you amused

27th March 2020

It’s easy to feel anxious whilst we are being asked to stay at home but we’re inviting you to look at the positives. You can spend quality time with your family, improve your home or just take some well-deserved ‘me time’. Although it is indeed […]

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DIY do’s and don’ts for your home

13th March 2020

Spring is in the air! … and for many homeowners, this inspires them to freshen up their home with some DIY. Whether you’re selling, or even just updating your property, there are some jobs that you can tackle yourselves, while others should definitely be left […]

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Discover the benefits of renting

21st February 2020

It’s time to end the negativity about renting and discover the numerous benefits that come with renting a property in 2020. If you have been looking at rental properties across West Sussex recently you will have seen that, due to high demand, properties aren’t staying […]

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Easy energy-saving tips for your mid-Sussex home

7th February 2020

Have you been worrying about saving energy and money in your home? With the recent storms and price increases, now is the time to look at ways to save energy around your home and lower your monthly bills.   According to Ofgem, the average household […]

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Moving day myths – busted!

24th January 2020

Congratulations, you’ve bought your new home! As you probably already know, moving can be stressful. Now you’ve done the hard part of finding and buying a home, the next step is packing up and making that move. Whether you’re moving from a rental, your parents’ […]

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Are you considering downsizing in retirement?

10th January 2020

Downsizing may mean smaller, but smaller is great as it also means more manageable, and is often the perfect decision for those who are retiring. When you think of your retirement, what do you picture? A scenic home, a few more holidays, and more time […]

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10 achievable New Year’s resolutions for you and your home

27th December 2019

It’s not just the first month of the New Year, it’s also the first month of a new decade! The Hunters team are excited for 2020 and have set ourselves a few resolutions for both work and at home. Jon is attempting Dry January, Jessy […]

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