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Why you might be struggling to find your next home

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What steps have you taken so far to find your next home? Have you searched the portals, like Rightmove and Zoopla? Signed up to notifications from your local agent? Are you following your local agent on social media? After doing all of that, you’re probably feeling like you’re doing all you can, but we have some advice for how you can do more to find your next home…


Does it really exist?

Is your dream just that, a dream? Obviously, you want your next house to tick every box: location, price, garden, parking etc. But does this property actually exist? When you start your search, try to be realistic. We can work our magic finding suitable properties in your budget and location, but the rest is down to you. Being open-minded when viewings properties means you are more likely to find ‘the one’.


What are your perceptions?

Your perceptions of a property are usually based on the photographs that we’ve taken, but they only tell half a story – your true first impression will only come once you step foot through the door. Don’t disregard a property based on pictures. Use our helpful floorplans to see how large a room is and book viewings to allow yourself to see a property with your own eyes. Some photographs can be misleading, so we encourage you to discover each home you like for yourself.


Are you being brave?

Only you know what you want, but once you start viewing houses your checklist can change. Properties that you’ve overlooked because they didn’t have the right size living room or the kitchen didn’t have an island, might actually be the perfect home for you. Our advice is to view a variety of properties, including ones that may not precisely meet your criteria. Be brave and step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your next home.


Are you really ready?

If you’re struggling to find your next home, it could be because you’re not actually ready to move. It may sound strange for an estate agent to say this but moving can be extremely emotional and we wouldn’t want you to sell your home if you’re not really ready to. You may feel like you’re ready but the process of moving is making you feel overwhelmed – that’s where we come in. As local estate agents, you can talk to us about your worries or concerns as we’ll go through every step of the process with you.


If you have a property to sell in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or the surrounding areas, contact our team on 01444 254400. If you’re still unsure whether you’re ready to sell we can offer you a free, market-led valuation.


If you’re struggling to find your next home but are ready to follow our advice, visit us at to book valuations at our properties.


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