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Around the Block with James Parsons

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It’s October. The nights are drawing in and it’s super COLD. Why not pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the next edition of Hunters Estate Agents Q&A?


This edition takes us on a pitstop tour of property management at Hunters Group and the new opportunities the department has to offer! See for yourself, it might just tickle your fancy!


Lauren: Hello James!

James: Hello Lauren!

Lauren: Thank you so much for your time today. I am really looking forward to this chat. Could you please give me an overview about you and your role here at Hunters Group?

James: I am the Assistant Head of Property Management here at Hunters Group so I currently head up our Estate and Block Management department. We have a portfolio which consists of a range of properties from freehold – new developments, to leasehold flats, established housing estates and to a combination of both on the same sites. Our portfolio is approximately at 125 properties (at the moment), but we are looking to expand on the new business.


Lauren: That’s really interesting – quite a big portfolio there. How are you looking to expand as a department? How do you see the block department evolving over the next few years?

James: We regularly receive enquiries for new business and we currently have four Property Managers with appropriate administration and accounts support. Each Property Manager looks after a portfolio of 32 properties, and this is a manageable amount of properties to carry out the management of the building, and to fulfil their role to their full potential. If we add an additional 5 properties to each Managers portfolio, we are definitely looking at acquiring more staff!


Lauren: Talking about new staff, are you currently recruiting?

James: Yes, we are, we currently have a vacancy for an experienced Property Manager. Ideally, we would like a candidate with an AIRPM qualification, but at least 3 years’ experience would be most appropriate and beneficial to help our team out. The specification can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook, including recruitment websites – so keep an eye out! We are hoping to recruit by the end of this year so we can keep progressing/evolving as a department in 2022.


Lauren: What benefits are there of joining your team?

James: One of the key elements of Hunters Group is the family feel. It is the communication and the approachability to a leaseholder, to a Director, to a tenant. We understand the issues in Property Management and we always try assist and resolve all enquiries as much as possible.


Lauren: Brilliant, thank you so much for your time James!

James: Thank you!


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