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5 Things that could hinder your sale

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You’ve made the big decision to sell your home. Once you’ve chosen your estate agent and your property is on the market, there’s nothing left for you to do, right? Wrong! Although our experienced team will be conducting your viewings and begin negotiations with potential buyers, there are still a few things that you can do to prevent any unnecessary obstacles. To ensure that you take advantage of each and every viewing and help the process of selling run smoothly, you should be aware of the following five things that could hinder your sale.


Is your home appropriately staged?

Through marketing your property on our own website, Rightmove, and Zoopla we will arrange viewings with potential buyers who are interested in purchasing your property, but to impress them your home will need to be appropriately staged. To help your property get the right kind of attention you should consider implementing effective staging strategies before each viewing; these include decluttering and depersonalising each room, ensuring every space is well lit and allowing fresh air to flow through your home. An un-staged property can mean your home makes the wrong first impression on potential buyers rather than allowing them to visualise themselves living there.


Are you prepared to be flexible?

Like you, potential buyers will also have very busy lives, meaning that they have to arrange viewings around their work, children, and spare time. If you’re not available and flexible when we are trying to schedule viewings you could end up missing out on a potential sale. If your hectic schedule makes it difficult to schedule viewings we suggest that you leave a spare key with us so we can show potential buyers around even when you’re not home. We will never show up unexpected, but by being flexible and available, you will benefit from the maximum amount of viewings.


Do you know where your paperwork is?

While your agent is busy working hard to negotiate your sale, you should begin to prepare your paperwork to avoid any unnecessary delays. These documents include proof of identity, property deeds, and certificates. If you have had building or electrical work completed you will need to provide the appropriate certificates to your buyer’s solicitors – you may have put these in a ‘safe place’, which can often be forgotten or lost in the flurry of selling your home.


Are your finances in order?

Aside from ensuring your mortgage is in place for your new home, you must have a solicitor or licensed conveyancer and an EPC to sell your home. You may also want to think about agency fees and removal costs for when you actually move. Being prepared means that you can prevent any delays and know what to budget for in the sale of your property.


Are you ready to be proactive?

Last but certainly not least is to be proactive in all communication with your agent and solicitor. During the sale of your house you will receive many phone calls and emails, from arranging viewings to finalising the purchase. To prevent any problems you should always aim to reply as soon as possible; if you have listened to our previous tips, you will be well prepared and ready to be proactive in securing a smooth sale!

While we work our magic you can take care of these potential problems to ensure they don’t hinder your sale. For a free, no-obligation property appraisal to help you understand where you fit within the current marketplace, contact our team on 01444 254400 or visit us at

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