Things you may not know about selling your home

9th October 2017

Having a great relationship with your estate agent is key when selling your home.  At Hunters, we are always open and honest, even when it comes to things you may not wish to hear.  Some agents will shy away from difficult conversations, as they do not want to lose your business, but sometimes it’s because they think you already know.

Our experience tells us that often what we see as obvious is new to you, as of course, you don’t move home every day, which is why we thought we’d share with you some things you may not know about selling your home.

It’s not all about you

We know you will have worked hard to get your home ready for sale, but although it may be beautifully decorated and presented, there could be one thing that is preventing potential buyers from connecting with it.  You may have a lot of family photos and furnishings that are personal to you, but remember, this will make it feel like your home, and not the buyers.

A buyer needs to be able to see themselves living there, so give them the opportunity to start imagining it as their home by removing anything that makes your property specifically your home.

Don’t leave DIY

Although potential buyers will be scrutinising your property, any little issues could stack up and grow into a big list that will make them see major pound signs.  If you have been neglecting any DIY jobs, get onto them now before you put your home on the market, or you may find that buyers will also neglect to put in a decent offer.

Not everything adds value

We all love to change and add to our homes, not only to suit our lifestyle but also to potentially add value.  Sadly, not all renovations will add value, and sometimes there is a ceiling on what your home will sell for, no matter what work you have undertaken.  Only make changes that benefit you and your family, and if it does add value just see it as a ‘Brucey Bonus’.

The price is right

Your home’s value is dictated by the property market, and we will always give you a realistic appraisal of your home and work hard to negotiate the best price when an offer has been made.  Be aware of overpricing or underpricing your property, as you will only lose out in the end, both financially and emotionally.

Because we have to

You will always get those buyers who will put in a cheeky offer that you may find disrespectful.  By law we have to inform you of any offer made, so please don’t think that we agree with the potential buyer’s perception of the value of your home.

We will always provide you with details about the potential buyer’s position to enable you to make an informed decision.  As we said above, we will negotiate any interesting offers to get you the best sale price for your property.

We’re in it together

Selling your home is always about teamwork; we will be dedicated to attracting potential buyers and driving the sale throughout the sales process.  You need to ensure that your home is ready and presented beautifully for viewings, so when we introduce potential buyers, we can simply help them to see how they can make your property their home.

If you would like advice on how to prepare for selling your home, why not call into our office and have a chat with a member of our team.

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