The Benefits of Downsizing

12th June 2019

Have you thought about downsizing? What’s stopping you? Downsizing isn’t just for empty-nesters, it has a range of benefits, some of which you may not have considered yet. Bigger isn’t always better, owning a smaller home can often save you money, energy and resources. Before you take the plunge let us share a few benefits of downsizing.


Less Maintenance & Fewer Chores

We’re stating the obvious here: larger homes mean more to maintain and keep clean. Not only is this more time for you, it also comes at a cost. Downsizing can free up your time allowing you to do more of what you want.


More Freedom

Downsizing offers homeowners a chance to travel or perhaps own a holiday home. Freeing up your money and opting for a smaller living space means that you can travel to places you’ve always dreamt of, knowing that you can afford it and your property back home isn’t costing you the earth while you’re away. If you have always wanted a holiday home, splitting your time between them both is far easier when your first home is smaller and easier to maintain.


Better Location & Lifestyle

Has your lifestyle changed recently? Or perhaps downsizing will push for that change to happen. Owning a smaller home can mean a better choice of location; it may be closer to family, friends or work. A better location also means that you’ll save time and money on travel costs.


Reduced Costs, Reduced Clutter

Reducing the size of your living space has several financial benefits. Your mortgage payments will be lower, you will face less maintenance costs, insurance will be cheaper, and your utility bills will also reduce. All of these can lead to significant savings. A smaller property is also a great motivation to get rid of any unwanted and unused items that are cluttering up your space. It’s sometimes hard to get rid of your belongings even if you don’t use them anymore, but remember that you can sell items in good condition or donate them to charity.


Starting Something New

Downsizing can be the start of something new. Your new, smaller space can allow you to live a little more by spending your extra money elsewhere, on your family, holidays or a hobby. If you are an empty-nester or perhaps have lost a loved one, downsizing can give you some closure as you start a new chapter in your new home.


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