“New Regulations Say Don’t Switch!”

12th August 2015

Good lighting and plenty of power points can transform a property, and most of us have at one time or another undertaken minor electrical work in the home and lived to tell the tale. 
However new regulations have recently come into force whereby DIY enthusiasts should question the type of work involved, as it may require certification from a ‘€œcompetent person’€. 
Non-notifiable work such as changing existing light fittings and sockets remains outside the controls introduced under Part P of the Building Regulations, as does the replacement of single circuit wiring cable, unless these are in kitchens, bathrooms or outside.
However anything more substantial, including alterations to existing circuits, or installations of appliances in kitchens or bathrooms, such as an electric cooker or power shower must now be undertaken, or at least certified, by a officially competent person such as a qualified electrician, and a certificate issued. 
Each year about 10 people die and 750 are injured as a result of faulty DIY wiring. Indeed the new legislation has been supported by Lib Dem MP Jenny Tongue, whose daughter died last year from an electric shock in her kitchen following poor workmanship by her builder. 
Failure to comply can not only render the offender to a fine of up to £5000, but also have a bearing on the saleability of your property, as you will not be able to provide the correct certificates for any notifiable work done. Still, at least you will be alive to tell the tale. 
So keep an eye on the regulations or you could be in for a shock! You can get further information from www.odpm.gov.uk.

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