Is kerb appeal hindering your sale?

15th April 2018

Kerb appeal; if you’re selling, your home should have it; estate agents and property professionals swear by it, but what actually is it?  Kerb appeal is how your home’s exterior is perceived on first sight. It is that incredibly valuable first impression that can win over or lose a potential buyer.  So how exactly can kerb appeal hinder your sale?


Presenting your home for sale can not only potentially add value to your property, it also attracts buyers.  Research undertaken by Dulux Weathershield last year found that 93% of people are more likely to want to view your property if its exterior is well maintained.


In this fast-paced technological world where a decision can be made in a swipe, it is essential that your property stands out in the crowd.  Neglecting the importance of kerb appeal will hinder your sale, and could even result in low offers.


A poorly maintained exterior sparks alarm bells in the minds of buyers, as it gives the impression that you have not cared for your property and they start to wonder what other issues could be awaiting them inside.  Sometimes buyers are so turned off by the exterior of the property they refuse to step through the front door.


Creating kerb appeal that brings a smile is not that difficult to achieve; even if you don’t have a front garden or your property is roadside, you can still make changes that will have a positive impact on your property’s appeal.


Your front door is the focal point; this is where buyers’ eyes will be drawn when they approach your property, so make sure you give it a fresh coat of paint or a deep clean.  It’s easy for paintwork to look tired, especially after the winter we have had, so again, wash down and freshen up any paintwork.


There is no point doing all this great work to then have dirty windows. Buyers will notice if your windows and frames are not well-kept and clean.  For viewings, ensure that any blinds and curtains are open as this makes your home feel more inviting.


Should you have a garden or any kind of outside space, it is time to do some tidying.  Power-wash any flagstones or paving, and de-weed throughout the space.  Where possible add some colour to the area; a popular touch is to place a matching pair of potted shrubs, such as a bay trees, on either side of the front door.


Pots and tubs of seasonal flowers in bloom can completely transform any outside space, and give the warm welcome buyers are looking for.  Don’t forget to repair broken fencing and check that your exterior lighting is working.


How you present your home for sale can be the difference you need to get your property sold. In the survey by Dulux, 25% of respondents stated they were willing to pay more for a house with kerb appeal, so don’t hinder your sale by failing to put the work in to make your home look loved and cared for.


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