How to prepare for a viewing

21st December 2018

Once you have narrowed down your search for a new home and have booked in some viewings, the fun really starts! Buying a property is a huge decision and although a viewing may only take half an hour you need to be prepared, knowing what to ask and what to look for during that time.

Do your research

Prior to each viewing, you should always do your research, from determining the distance to your office, school and shops to deciding if the area and neighbourhood are right for you. If possible, you may want to drive past the property before the viewing to see it at different times of the day, this way you can assess the level of traffic and noise near your potential new home.

Plan your questions

Your questions for the agent or homeowner should be focused on things that you can’t find out online, this includes asking about the neighbours, whether any building work has recently been completed, and what the broadband/phone signal is like.

Don’t go alone

Aside from it being safer to attend a viewing with your partner, a friend or family member, it’s also beneficial as they can offer an impartial view on the property as well as acting as a second opinion on your ideas. You should always try to be flexible with your viewings, so be prepared to attend properties at different times.

On the day

You should always be punctual for the viewing, it could come down to this if the homeowner has to choose whose offer they accept – making a good first impression may sway their decision. On the journey to the property make a mental note of the traffic and take in the area, as it could soon be your new home and you wouldn’t want any surprises.

During the viewing

As you approach the property you should start to look for any obvious exterior problems such as damp, structural damage, or loose roof tiles. Once you enter you can start to tick off your priorities and requirements for a new home. Is there enough storage? Which way does the garden face? Do the windows need changing? Etc. It’s hard to stay focused as you walk around but you don’t want to remember things you meant to ask about or look for once you’ve left!

According to research, it only takes eight minutes for you to decide whether you like a property or not! That’s just 480 seconds to make one of the biggest decisions of your lives; however, if you have taken our advice and prepared yourself fully for each viewing then perhaps this will ensure that you make the right decision in that short time.

It’s easy for your heart to take over sometimes, and although you should definitely listen to that gut feeling, you should also make sure that you’ve been sensible, have asked the right questions and not missed any important details.

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