How to get ready for the sales process

15th June 2018

Congratulations, you’ve sold your property! Now you are entering the sales process, which is often described as the most stressful part of moving home.  It is during this time that delays can easily happen; these delays can start to cause nervousness and, unfortunately, cause chains to fall apart.  We never want that to happen, which is why we have put together an easy guide of things you can do to help you push your sale along.

Figure out your finances

Ideally, your mortgage will already be in place; however, it’s worth chasing up your provider or broker to let them know that your bid has been accepted. If you’re providing a cash deposit, make sure it’s ready waiting to transfer from your account. Your solicitor may also need a payment upfront, so try to make any payments as quickly as possible to speed things up.

Prepare your paperwork

Your solicitor will soon be conducting surveys and checks on your behalf but they will require paperwork and correspondence from you. Do you keep your paperwork ‘somewhere safe’? It’s time to locate all of the documents that your solicitor will soon be asking for. You will need proof of your identity and address, this is usually a passport or driving licence and a recent utility bill.

If you don’t have the property title deeds to your home, don’t worry, your solicitor will request them from your local Land Registry. If your property is freehold or leasehold a copy of the relevant documents will be required. You will also need to provide certificates for any building work carried out at the property, as well as retrieving a copy of your Energy Performance Certificate.

Rapid response

Keep a close eye on your emails and the letterbox; to speed up the process you should aim to respond to any correspondence as quickly as possible. You will be required to complete a property information form and a fittings and contents form; these will include declarations about your property’s boundaries, alterations, and services.

If you have already prepared your paperwork, you will be able to answer these questions quickly and confidently.  Some forms that you will need to complete may take some time, so ensure that they are completed in full with all relevant paperwork attached. If you have any questions, ask your solicitor instead of leaving anything blank.

Keep calling

By staying in contact with your estate agent and solicitor via regular phone calls and emails you will be able to keep track of the progress of your sale and deal with any issues before they cause delays. Regular communication will keep up the pressure as well as making sure that you are at the forefront of their minds.

Follow these steps to prevent avoidable delays during the sales process and then you can move on to your next task – packing! For advice on when you should start to pack, visit our blog.

Our property sales services are just as you would have expected, no sale no fee, unless otherwise agreed. Call our team on 01444 254400 to arrange a free, no obligation valuation of your property.

If your property has already sold and you have any questions, please pop in to see us or call our team.

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