Discover the benefits of renting

21st February 2020

It’s time to end the negativity about renting and discover the numerous benefits that come with renting a property in 2020. If you have been looking at rental properties across West Sussex recently you will have seen that, due to high demand, properties aren’t staying on the market for long. Thanks to our location being attractive to commuters, the variety of properties and range of rental prices, you won’t be alone in realising that renting is right for you.



Renting offers far more flexibility than ownership. Whether you move around for work, are new to the area or simply cannot afford to buy yet, there are several different tenancies suited to your specific needs. Short Let is available for those looking to rent for up to six months. Long Let will suit you if you’d like to stay longer than six months, and a Managed Let means that a licenced lettings agent manages your property rather than you dealing directly with a landlord.

Renting gives you the flexibility to move easily if/when you want to relocate, change or upsize your current home.


Try before you buy

Whether you’re testing out an area or perhaps a new romance, renting gives you the option to literally try before you buy, to explore an area and find your feet when it comes to your commute, lifestyle, and personal preference. Or perhaps you want to experience sharing a home and the responsibility that comes with moving in with your partner before making the financial and emotional leap of buying.

Discover if your partner is house trained and if your commute to school or work fits in with your lifestyle by renting in your chosen area before buying.


Fixed costs

Unlike mortgage rates, your rent is fixed for the duration of your tenancy agreement. Knowing how much you’ll be paying each month allows you to budget easily without worrying about the fluctuating property market.

Take advantage of this fixed cost to save for a deposit or pay off existing debt to get into in a more stable financial position.


Less responsibility

When renting, your landlord is responsible for the majority of maintenance, repairs and the décor of the property, which obviously all come with a cost. Your boiler, appliances and electrics must all be checked each year ensuring that your property is safe and in good working order – and you don’t have to foot the bill.

Due to these reduced financial responsibilities you will be able to save more money for when you want to buy, or for doing more of what you love, such as holidays or hobbies.


Location and quality

Renting may allow you to live in a better quality home in a more sought-after area than you could afford if you were to buy. We have apartments, houses and listed buildings that are all waiting to become your new home with character, transport links or parking, depending on what you’re looking for in a rental home.


If renting is right up your street but you need some advice on where to start your search, call or pop into our branch to speak with a member of our Lettings team. We have properties available in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Lewes and beyond.

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