How can you achieve the perfect sale?

20th May 2017

Perfection is not something that you would see as synonymous with selling your home.  All your wants and needs are different, the idea that one process suits all is crazy, especially when you have so many parties and voices involved.  Therefore, is it reasonable to think that you can achieve the perfect sale?

One of the scary things about the sale process is the loss of control you feel; from the moment your offer is made, everything seems to be taken out of your hands.  You’re now at the mercy of solicitors and their efficiency in chasing the chain, and then you have those representing everyone in the chain; it is no wonder that this can be a frustrating process.

At Hunters, we try and smooth the path to ensure that you are constantly updated.  It matters to us that you have a pleasurable experience, therefore we become the hunter; we chase all those documents, searches, and faxes to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be when it is needed.

We can’t prevent everything, but what we can do is place ourselves in the best position to advise you to manage any situation so that you can concentrate on the process of moving.  But there are things that you can do to aid the process and ensure it works like clockwork, rather than stalling because not everything is in place.

What we mean is that having certain documents ready will aid the process; no one wants the stress of struggling to find your passport, for example, because you have placed it in a ‘safe’ but now forgotten the place.  Not having your documents ready can cause delays that ripple down the chain, and any delays can make people nervous.

So what documents do you need to get ready as soon as possible, even before you place your house on the market?


Your identity will need to be checked, therefore your passport, visa, and any other identity documents, as well as a list of your previous addresses, should all be to hand.

Contact details

It may seem obvious, but make sure that we and your solicitor have all your contact numbers in case there is an urgent request.

Home deeds

Now, where did you put them?  You may not have moved for a number of years, so it is time to search through all your paperwork and dig out those all important deeds to your home.

Servicing documents

If you have had any building or structural work done, you will need to have all the certificates to show that this work has been authorised and approved.  You will also need the servicing documents for your boiler and other related documents.


Have a mortgage in principle in place before you start your home search so that you are absolutely certain you will be able to make the move you want.  It will also place you in a strong position when you come to make an offer on a potential home.

React quickly

Should you be asked to send documents, don’t just send them, make sure they have arrived.  Also, keep an eye on your emails and return any documents that need signing as soon as possible, though make sure you read them thoroughly and highlight any mistakes or concerns.

With your eye on the documentation and ours on moving things forward, you can achieve as close to perfect as can be.  We prove our worth to our clients every day in the quality of the service we deliver.  If you want the best experience, choose Hunters when selling your home.

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