Are you ready to sell?

27th December 2017

Deciding to sell your home is a major decision; some wish to move as they desire more space, or a change in circumstances could spark a change or even a relocation. No matter the motivation for moving, the major question you need to ask yourself is whether you are ready to sell.  This question is not as strange as it may sound, but it can also have disastrous consequences if you get the answer wrong.


Emotional pull


You bought your home for a reason, and whilst you have been living there you have most likely established a real emotional attachment.  You may have been living there for a number of years, and each nook and cranny of your abode is filled with memories that you don’t want to leave behind.  This house has been the protector of your children, it has been the blanket when things have gone wrong, and the host to many a celebration.  This is more than a home to you, it’s part of the family.

When you’re selling your home you need to depersonalise it so that any potential buyers can see themselves living there.  This could mean changing the décor to a neutral shade and removing family photos and mementoes.  If you’re really ready to sell, you will be focusing on how you’ll decorate your next home rather than worrying about what you’re leaving behind.


Reluctant mover


Sometimes a move is not made by choice but is thrust upon us.  This could be due to necessity or the desire to move but not the conviction.  People in this category know that moving is the right decision but are in no rush to make it happen.  This is a dangerous category to be in, as it could really damage your home’s potential value.

As an estate agent we want to ensure your property is sold as quickly as possible. Buyers today are savvy, and they will check to see how long a property has been on the market. Reluctant movers tend to stall a sale, often not intentionally, but by being unavailable for viewings, and often not being happy with any offers.  The danger here is that the longer the property is on the market, the more buyers will begin to question why that is.  They will presume there is an issue with the property that is preventing it from selling.


Personal expectations


You may not have the emotional pull or be a reluctant mover, but your personal expectations could be preventing your home from selling.  What we mean by this is, you have set a figure in your mind of what your property is worth and you won’t budge and accept any less.  You may have even had an agent around who has given you a higher sales price that’s really sparked your interest.

Over-pricing your property can lead you into a process of frustration, especially if the market at that moment says differently.  It doesn’t matter what a similar property down the road sold for two years ago, or even 6 months ago, your property is on the market now, and the asking price must reflect the conditions of the local market at that time.  At Hunters it is our responsibility to get your property sold as quickly as possible, and for the highest possible purchase price.  This is where our expertise, of truly knowing our local market, combined with trained negotiators who know how to get you the best offer, come in.

Don’t be swayed by your own personal expectations, or those unrealistic valuations intended just to win your business, as you will end up having your property on the market for longer and then selling it for less than it’s worth.  If you’re ready to sell you will listen to our professional advice on how to get your property sold.


Are you ready to sell?


If you’re thinking of selling ask yourself if you are really ready to sell.  Will you be able to let go of that emotional pull? Will you be enthusiastic and flexible when it comes to viewings and offers, and will you be able to listen to our experienced team?  If the answer is yes, then contact our team and we’ll look forward putting up that SOLD sign soon.



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